How Do You Clean Silver in Bali?

The Price of Perfection

The silver jewellery of Bali is the most elegant and exquisite in the world. It is in great demand by so many tourists and visitors who frequent Bali each year to view its treasures and sites. This sterling silver is bright and shines with extra lustre. Yet there is a downside to it. It tends to tarnish with time, and this brings out the darkness over the sheen. This means that the silver loses its beauty in terms of everyday reality and appears to fade in colour. Have no fear, though since there is a solution at hand. 

A Series of Solutions

Firstly, the simplest of solutions consist of taking a non-gel based toothpaste that is white in colour and a toothbrush. I’ve been taught this by Jason from Newcastle cabinet makers, who used to clean his wedding ring while getting married in Indonesia las year.  You put a dab of this toothpaste on the brush and slowly yet steadily rub its bristles on the jewellery with even strokes. After the silver jewellery is covered with foam, you take a cloth and wipe the residue clean. The result will be silver jewellery that is resplendent and brilliant. You may add some dishwashing liquid to the toothpaste for better results. 

Other Core Cleaning Treatments

There are non-toxic ways to clean your Bali silver. Silver polish is not one of them since it also removes the black with the white areas. This is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater (metaphorically speaking). A better method would be to spread tin foil inside a bowl. To the lined bowl, you add boiling water along with some Spic and Span. Wash the jewellery in this solution. Works every time. You may use baking soda instead of the “S & S” if you like. 

Enemies of Lustre

There are anti-shade strips available in the marketplace which can do a great job as well. The silver tends to tarnish every time it comes in contact with oxygen and sulphur producing compounds. The latter includes mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions and other substances. When you put your silver jewellery in the scorching heat of sunlight, the same tarnishing impact is visible. Also, beauty products and hair accessories do several silver jewellery. 

A Few More Good Methods

One way you can protect your silver jewellery from tarnishing is by storing it right. Place a small amount of calcium carbonate, barbecue charcoal or a vial of silica gel in the storage container. No harm will come to the silver surface of the jewellery. The only problem with rubbing silver is that it is a soft metal that can acquire scratches and marks with extraordinary ease. It is best to employ a flannel cloth or other soft silky material to polish the silver. If your jewellery is simply too precious to be cleaned on a DIY basis, you may take it to a professional cleaner who will charge a nominal amount in return for brightening your silver. Be extra careful if you are doing the cleaning at home. That is because if the silver jewellery contains such precious stones as turquoise, opal, carnelian, onyx, topaz, amethyst or garnet, you may damage these worthy gemstones by using home-made hacking solutions. If the gems are missing though, such mixtures as soap, baking soda, white vinegar, salt, olive oil and lemon juice may be used in combination with or without water for the cleaning process. See what suits your silver jewellery and stick to it in the future.